A Passing

He had been sitting next to me, and we were appreciating the sun in silence. With my eyes closed, I was meditating on the rainbows flickering through my eyelids. They were beautiful in their dancing radiance.

When he roused me from stillness, his gentle voice was not an intruder but a welcome presence, which told me to focus on the waves floating upon the river. They were the only movement in the still, weathered landscape of the high desert. See how long they take to get from one shore to another, he said — and I squinted to see the tiny, slow-moving keepers of time, flowing by to track the eternity of that evening.

On the side of the road, he’d had a vision. He became a presence suspended in a matrix, privy to another moment in another time, where fires raged on the ancient mesa directly opposite us. Residues from the past seemed to linger all around. We were souls long and old and familiar, reconvening in an open and unchanged space, playing out habits grown over centuries. A balanced moon beamed down upon us, half full and half empty, refreshed anew by a Gemini eclipse of initiatory degree.

“We will always have that,” he’d whispered. All-powerful conjunction in pairs of opposites, Mercury and Jupiter, Gemini and Sagittarius; he and I, under one sky. And though space and structure separate us, the spirits and universe took charge, opening up whole to bare all, as if in preparation for the cycles of transience that will circle us back together again.

2012 – May 28
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

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