Experimental Snippets


A talk at Nerd Nite in Austin about my psychics documentary research.


A thorough bodily exploration of natural bushes. Incoming reports on density and tensile strengths. :)


Sounds by Contact Cult.

misunderstood understanding (2015)

With Dani Beutell and Dan Kitchens.

Dream Country (2015)

Exploration… with Steven Perlin and sounds by Troy Micheau (Contact Cult).

Zoltar Speaks: Superpsych Coincidence (2015)

Venice Beach affably greets my soul.

Lurkoid Glitch (2010)

Getting creepy.

HOOPDREAMS – Found Footage Experiment (2010)

Unofficial music video for HOOPDREAMS using manipulated found footage.

A Conversation – Experiment in Noise, Light & Shadow (2010)

Speaking with hands, in light and shadows. With video shot in Turkey and sounds by Ukranian electronic music artist Kotra.

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