Rude Awakening

Rude awakening to the most hideous symphony ever have I heard and most definitely had not dared or hoped to dream — of the celebrations of carnal human pleasure, as presented like a cacophony of two sacrificial lambs being slaughtered in the night to a(n obviously) unbenevolent god, then splayed out on some porch or some other undesireably public space so that the sustained reverberations of their slapping, groaning, and twitching might echo through the night, to traumatize all who lie near. Unprotected, in its dormant, naked, and innocent sleep, my psyche was assailed until it woke into disbelief — which then transformed into a pause, upon its realization of the absurdity of a life such as this, wherein the sounds of sexual exaltation can so closely mimic death’s wretched last throes that confusion and documentation are the only appropriate reaction and solution.

2012 – August 17

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